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About Rosie O’Hara

According to one of my friends I’m a “Black Belt” in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

In 2009 when the world was having many crises, my life took a different path and I encountered “a little breast cancer”, as a result of that I wrote a diary for my friends and I added bits of NLP I used with me and to help me cope with other people, family, friends, business colleagues and anyone in the medical profession (note sweeping generalisation).

My younger friends (much younger than me) asked me to publish my writings and they haven’t seen all of them, yet, to enable us to talk more usefully about cancer and especially that secret breast cancer.

N0 More Bingo Dresses – using NLP to Cope with Breast Cacner and Other People is published by MX Publishing

Buy from Amazon (also as ebook too) or your personal signed copy from us here 

More about what Rosie does here

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  1. rosieohara / Mar 7 2011 08:56

    Thanks very much Jacqui, book is set to launch on 25th May watch this space;) Rosie

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